"From the top of the pants were punch line ○ Dick so I put" ' EH really extrapolation is good?"" From the top of the pants.! "She no friends there is no Virgin, and also suffer from bullying from schools also tend to be closed! ! Super cute so I was worried about my childhood friend came to my house! I'm coming to school. Hunter(HHH)

「パンツの上からだったらオチ○チン挿していいよ」「えっ本当に挿れていいの?」「パンツの上からだよ! 」彼女もいないし友達もいないし童貞だしいじめにも遭うから学校も休みがち! ! そんなボクを心配した超かわいい幼馴染がボクの家にやってきた! 学校に来てくれるんだ… Hunter(HHH) [DVD]

Release Date: November 7, 2016
Studio: outvision(Out vision)
Directors: Volvo Nakano
Runtime: 240 minutes