It is made for the practice of annoying and clumsy kisses are disliked her boyfriend and best friend, turned on the first time lesbian kisses with friends should be!!Big Dick big lap tongue lips and caress each other and erect from Linder's crotch is. Uncontrollable excitement they leave anything to chance, raw uncensored sex!! / REAL(Real)

キスが下手だと彼氏に嫌われてしまうと悩む親友の練習台にさせられてしまい友達同士で初めてのレズ接吻のはずが、一転!!唇を重ね舌を絡ませ、愛撫し合ううちにリンドルちゃんの股間から勃起したデカチンが…興奮を抑えきれない二人は成り行きに任せて生中出しセックス!! / REAL(レアル) [DVD]

Release Date: November 25, 2016
Studio: Co., Ltd. Top Marshall / Manufacturers:Kay m production / Label:REAL
Actors: Linder-Star River, Shiina in Yun, Sanada Miho
Directors: Tsuji instep 2
Runtime: 110 minutes