Mother is where squid so that the one - "my son can be incest up for the money prize Get! Dome of the sky Love Love mother-to-child incest gate-arm! ! When the son of Ji ○ port is firing on squeezing prize 50,000 yen! ! Prize money doubled if further clear the quota! ! 』総集編 10組8時間 熟女LABO

母親はお金のためにどこまで近親相姦できるのか~『息子をイカせて賞金ゲット! 青天井ラブラブ母子相姦ゲ~ム! ! 息子のチ○ポをシゴいて発射させたら賞金5万円! ! さらにノルマをクリアすれば賞金倍増! ! 』総集編 10組8時間  熟女LABO [DVD]

Release Date: November 10, 2016
Studio: Cougar LABO
Runtime: 480 minutes