Naked art pink companion of speaking at the banquet, in employee travel mixed and forced hot spring bathing and finally also been made SEX in front of everyone "ordeal to become a Director. Keep it up! "and after all that whining if not only sadistic village woman AD

社員旅行で強制温泉混浴させられ宴会でピンクコンパニオンまがいの全裸芸をやらされ最後には全員の前でSEXさせられても「監督になるための試練だぞ、頑張れ」と言われたら結局泣き寝入りするしかないサディスティックヴィレッジの女AD [DVD]

Release Date: February 22, 2018
Studio: Soft on demand
Directors: New Casey Kazama
Runtime: 180 minutes