Yearn for urban redneck girl and my parents ' House in Guy's my one King game! ! I'd out urban Hillbilly I began living alone, who went to school in... Nothing but good things over the year. Is waiting so I got new year's real home, and relatives who live in the local.! And dumb women. Hunter (HHH)

都会に憧れる田舎者女子と実家のこたつで男はボクひとりの王様ゲーム! ! 田舎者のボクは都会に出て一人暮らしを始め、専門学校に通っているんですが…何もイイ事なく一年が終わりました。そんなボクが正月実家に帰ると、待っていたのは地元に住む親戚たち! しかも女子ばか… Hunter (HHH) [DVD]

Release Date: January 7, 2017
Studio: outvision(Out vision)
Directors: Congnac Jinno
Runtime: 240 minutes