Purchasing information has a nasty filthy woman aesthetician violently shake the hips, dip the oils of the body while watching the reaction of the man in Tokyo, immediately infiltrate a survey!! (Limited benefits:Autograph with the shabbiness of sloppy 直穿ki panty wearing evidence Czech set)(Limited) / SCOOP

都内某所に男の反応を見ながら、自らの身体にオイルをしみこませ激しく腰を振る淫乱痴女エステティシャンがいるとの情報を仕入れ早速潜入調査開始!! (限定特典:みすずさんの直穿きパンティと直筆サイン入り着用証拠チェキセット)(初回限定) / SCOOP [DVD]

Release Date: December 8, 2017
Studio: Leader, Marshall and co., Ltd.:Kay m production/label:SCOOP
Directors: Will Tintin
Runtime: 165 minutes